Chalet Skybox by Abiss

Abiss is releasing this chalet skybox in just a couple hours and oh my god i nearly jumped ouf ot my seat, ok enough talking about me and let’s check out the goods!

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Paris Apartment with a twist - Part Three

Hello, this is the last post on the Paris apartment, the bedroom. As you all seen I kept the common areas of the apartment minimalistic with a black and white theme to it but for the bedroom I opted to paint it in a pale mauve color,giving it a more cozy feeling.

This boho-chic furniture from Abiss suits the accents of the bedroom bringing out the warmth of the wooden floors. A chandelier over the bed and a silk translucent drape were placed on the bed are to give it a more luxurious Parisian feel.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my apartment and maybe it will give you some decor ideas for your apartment.

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Paris Apartment with a twist - Part Two

Hello, as promised here is the second part of the Paris Apartment from [AF] Apple Fall for Fameshed, this time we will see the living room area, dining room and office.

I’m sure you noticed how I wanted to keep the common areas in a minimalistic black and white decor.

I hope you enjoy my decor for this apartment because I sure enjoy living in it! Again a big thank you to my friend Apple for rocking my SL world!

Go check out Fameshed & The Mens Department and stay tuned for the bedroom tour!

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Paris Apartment with a twist - Part One

My good friend Apple ([AF] Apple Fall) released his newest apartment for Fameshed in this October edition and it is so amazing I don’t think I have words to describe it but I can show you the pictures, way better don’t you think?! He brought us a classical parisienne apartment with a twist, minimalistic and modern giving you the ability of furnishing it with the most various styles.

It is fully modifiable as usual giving the possibility of adding new rooms and create a house that suits your needs. For example I added a new “wing” to set up my kitchen (picture bellow).

Without further delays I will show you where to get all these things you can see on the pictures and give you some ideas for your future apartment!

Have fun shopping at Fameshed and make sure to check out the other amazing creators!

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No way …

Hello everyone, Nikkox opened his store a couple days ago and you guessed right its called No Way!

His main focus seems to be casual clothing for men, from chinos to jeans, t-shirts, tanks and shirts all made in mesh! i do believe they are fabulous but I believe you should go see for yourself, you wont regret!

Go check No Way out and have fun shopping!

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Moments like these…

Gathering all of her belongings with a much needed coffee in hand, she flops down on the floor leaning comfortably against her puff, raising a hand over her forehead she wipes a stray strand of dark hair that has escaped her bangs nestling it back into place with a smile curling her lips, ready to enjoy the sunrise before leaving home to work.

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Once upon a time …

Once upon a time there was a young blogger who had a dream… She was walking through a forest so lush and verdant it could only be enchanted, sweet birdsong drifting down from the bowers as she carried her faithful friend Monsieur Bunneh down the gently winding trail. Soft clothing of ineffable beauty kept her warm in the shade of the trees as she strode along, when all of a sudden her big toe had a head-on collision with an errant root. Curiosity got the best of her and she set down Mr. Bunneh to inspect the offending tree, kneeling down among the lush undergrowth. As she ran her fingers across the tree trunk, the bark peeled aside in a wide crack, bright light pouring out of the fissure. It grew and grew, the fae glow so bright it made her head spin, and before she knew it she was tumbling in, past glowing flora and shining light bugs, fairy lanterns shining from tiny tree houses built amongst roots and branches, down and down into the middle of the Mayfair Kingdom.

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Playing the waiting game …

Hey hey, The Mens Department opened today with a great selection of designers and Apple Fall is one of them, he released the Ionic Set (16 prims) - a white couch, a screen and a couple magazines.

Make sure you all go visit The Mens Department and see all the other fantastic designers there, and yes girls can go too, they have unisex items and furniture. Also a big thank you to Mikel Monk and of course my friend Apple!

Boy or girl have fun shopping!

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Green Acres is the place to be …

Hey everyone, Glam Affair has a new group gift, the newest skin in their line, Lilith completely free with the Macedonia make up, like all Glam Affair skins she looks fabulous, if you don’t believe me go see it for yourself you most certainly won’t regret it!

Go get it girls, while you still can!

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Sunday lazy sunday …

I know it’s Sunday, the laziest day of the week and I figured I’d drop by and show you all my outfit of the day, doesn’t it make you feel all snugly and stuff?

Wish you all a great day!

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